The Final Day for the President – and don’t worry about Bolton!

The President ended his case today and it was well played; less is often better than more!! My update today is to reassure the reader that this last maneuver from the Late Hit Specialists is just that. A calculated late hit to do the maximum damage to the GOP. Not to do the maximum to get to the truth. And I am happy that the defense covered it quickly but effectively.

As to my certainty on this Bolton matter: While I don’t want to be divisive, I have followed Democratic party tactics on significant hearings for decades – not just for years. There is always the orchestrated late hit and it is always, and in every instance, 100% the bull’s whatnot. BUT …

I am being divisive and negative so down to the good news instead. I have been getting something from others in the web community. There is one idea – and with many people suggesting it – that is an absolute masterstroke!!! It centers around Lindsay Graham (who I am being referred to repeatedly with some very similar suggestions). And it revolves around a good point: why does the Impeachment hearing have to be the way to run down the loose ends? These suggestions have been made with several different components:

1) A high profile joint appearance between Lindsay and the President

2) This appearance announces that the loose leads will be run down thoroughly – but fairly also – through the Senate Judiciary Committee of Graham and Feinstein!!!

3) The statement itself – at the appearance – hits two themes hard. The first is a very well put statement that the behavior of Schumer, Pelosi and Schiff deserves no respect whatsoever – and that the impeachment hearings are not the right place to solve the remaining loose ends. But, secondly, Trump totally respects the American people and their right to get a fair and thorough process. Thus, the transfer of the investigation to a better and fairer place!!!

4) With this done it is time to acquit the President, outplay the Late Hit Specialists but, actually – and most important – it would, in fact, be the best way to proceed for the country. All in one stroke!

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