Criminalizing Political Differences


   Pay attention to this: this is described as the behavior of someone deemed to be the aggressor: “the police complaint cast Baca as seeking to protect the statue, then defending himself against protestors who were pursuing him while he backed away from them, using pepper spray to douse the oncoming crowd. Baca’s retreat continued, even as the group appeared to maliciously pursue him, with several people striking him with their hands and legs. The protestors also hit him with a skateboard and tackled him.”

   This complaint goes on until it reaches the following “Then (after all of the above) Baca fired several shots. The crowd scattered.” And it is BACA who is being charged! For reals. The following news article then goes on “Keller acknowledged concerns about the initial criminal complaint” (I would think so!) but the article goes on to describe how a prosecution-in-search-of-a-crime works. He will not charge anyone but Baca for the melee (not even a masked person who kept repeatedly hitting him with a skateboard) because he claims he can find ‘supplemental’ evidence suggesting he threw a woman down before the melee ensued.

   Even if he could find this new ‘evidence’ it means nothing. He had already backed totally down from whatever had happened, was in totally retreat and everyone could simply have stopped what they were doing until the police arrived. You can block someone from leaving a crime scene until the police arrive – but once a fight is over it is over. The new ‘evidence’ – sought after by someone who acknowledges being a prosecutor in search of a selective crime against only one person – still has no legal relevance even if it does exist. Read the article for yourself:

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   Also, a legally armed group was also arrested after they disarmed Baca and kept him surrounded until the police arrived (what I talked about earlier – exactly what you ARE supposed to do in this type of a situation). And, though, the fleeing assailants have all now been identified they have never been arrested – and won’t ever be.

   This is just another reason why voting Democratic is not an option if you care about our democracy. It used to be two parties w/ the same basic concept of America – and that did the fight strictly in the ballot box. But in every blue state it is the same garbage. The dictatorial lockdowns are still being done long after there is any justification for them. The looters are rewarded – and the resistors against the politically correct new chosen ones are selectively prosecuted. It is just hate and criminalizing political differences.