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THE VIDEO LIBRARY  WE FINALLY HAVE IT! WE ARE VLOGGERS AS WELL AS BLOGGERS! Our first effort is an important call-to-arms against the coronavirus.

DENOVA'S GALLERY  THE NEED FOR SAFE AND SECURE FAMILY LIFE It is called this as a memorial to a DeNova Weaver. Her story is told along with articles that emphasize the need for traditional family life. We have a bumper sticker out there to draw people's attention to her cause. Our most widely read article is The Confused Generation

ROGUE'S GALLERY  ROGUE'S GALLERY - THE NEED TO RE-SECURE OUR LEGAL AND POLITICAL FREEDOMS We have a "Nancy" bumper sticker in circulation and she is one of the characters talked about. Our stories also feature the acts of other people in high places - that do things against our basic freedoms. We encourage you to look at our latest addition to this gallery: Take the Challenge. One of our most widely read articles has you read a newspaper article for yourself - you don't have to take our word for anything! See Crimalizing Political Differences

IMPEACHMENT GALLERY  THE IMPEACHMENT GALLERY - MY DAILY MONITORING OF THE PROCESS A special note here: These articles pursue much deeper concepts than just "Do you like Trump or Not?" The articles will also remain relevant long after the impeachment issue is forgotten for this same reason - the subject matter goes into much deeper areas than the temporary Impeachment Saga. If you have not read these articles you should still read them.

ONE PEOPLE GALLERY  THE ONE PEOPLE GALLERY - THE NEED FOR RECONCILIATION: THE ONLY WAY TO A SECURE AND COMMON FUTURE FOR ALL As these articles grow in number you should see a pattern. You will find tough love, kinder and gentler, pragmatic solutions to actually solve problems, and etc. I do this because I am a big believer in "All of the Above" - deep seated problems can never be solved by a one shot panacea - and all along strictly ideological lines.  The first article is called I Admire Your 'Resistance' - it is a salute to Americans with a Hispanic background - and the way that they tend to resist going along with Identity Politics rather than being a joiner for it. Or try Do ALL Black lives matter?

THE SCIENCE GALLERY  THE NEED FOR MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY Are the two related? Absolutely! Said a wise Greek philosopher: "Our most important moral obligation is to always think clearly". This is especially important in today's society - where we are being rapidly taught to neither think clearly - nor to have moral values! Please read our latest article on Science and God - In America why should you even need to show that it is intellectually reasonable to believe in God? Unfortunately, I am not sure that we are still living in the same America that you and I remember!

POTPOURRI GALLERY  POTPOURRI GALLERY - SOME OF THE  MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES THAT MAKE FOR A FREE AND SECURE SOCIETY We have started with a compilation of news blurbs relating to the Coronavirus. We also have a compilation of our Culture Watch segments from our Current News! page. Our most important addition to the Culture Watch segments is Culture Watch IV: Do we really want pedophilia to be normalized?. Another timely feature is: The Real Debate - Defending America.

More articles will continue to be added and will be announced.

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