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Well … depending upon some votes it could be all over – now that we are done with the Question and Answer sessions. I will let the reader decide how he liked the last two days of Q and A between the partys. I will only focus on one exchange. First, I will do the more superficial who-won-or-lost; but I will then get down to more substantive issues. Below is the rundown of my one example of Q&A –

At first, I thought it was a classic mistake. The GOP sent a zinger question to Schiff where they set up a hypothetical question. It was, basically, a hypothetical that involved an identical situation (to the impeachment charges). But it then had the theoretical change up of it being Barack Obama running against Mitt Romney. My concern was that he would just deflect the question – and talk up another round of talking points. I thought it was going to be a total waste of a question.

And it seemed that way at first. He did deflect the question but then made, as he often does, a totally pompous and manifestly hypocritical set of statements. He said that:

1) you should never talk to foreigners about a political rival (the thing that is admitted by Hillary Clinton vis a vis her paying for a Steele dossier.) And, incredibly, that

2) you should never be investigating your political rival during an election year!!!! Say what? Has he already forgotten that the FBI investigated Donald Trump during his election year? Using material paid for by his political rival – Hillary Clinton? Who collected this material – on her rival – from foreign sources? And that was, ultimately, used to set up an illegally obtained surveillance warrant – on her rival and during an election year!

Good Lord ….. even for Schiff that is a hard to imagine level of hypocrisy. But I wasn’t sure what was accomplished by the Republicans setting him up with the question. Until, that is, their next question was brought forward. It was: would you like to comment on Adam Schiff’s last answer? And … bang there you have it! Everything that I just laid out above was totally dump trucked on top of Adam Schiff by one of the President’s lawyers.

Now consider some of the takeaways. Basically, Adam Schiff has gotten to the point of being predictable in his behavior. Even to the point where you can 1) rely on him to act out on cue and then 2) have a pre-setup answer prepared – for what you already know he is going to say!

But here is we need to get away from Schiff and go to deeper lessons. A deeper question is why does Schiff act out the way that he does? What I will show is that he acts that way because he is being taught to do so. We will now move over to an even most central actor in our toxic politics that we have today.

Did you know that the CNN network gave an order to all its employees – that they were to never cover Donald Trump in a favorable manner? Did you know that the New York Times once did a groveling apology for writing an article that did NOT provide bad coverage to the President? You should know this because they did it openly and before the whole world.

You have a new type of journalism where they are deliberately, intentionally – and even admittedly – being flunky journalists for only one point of view. MSNBC even boasts how you will never find a Trump defender on any of their shows! Isn’t that wonderful?

And this is where we can start moving back to the Schiffs, the Pelosis, the Schumerites and Co. What happens to people like them (or perhaps to any of us for that matter?) when they are told – by what is still supposed to be journalism – that no matter what they think, say or do they will still have the guardians of the airwaves bootlicking them at their shoe level? How does that teach you ……. ACCOUNTABILITY?

Thus, I can wrap this up. The number one villain for all the toxicity in the political process are the people who are simply supposed to be covering it – rather than molding it instead. And that is why I made my initial observation. Why do Schiff, Pelosi and et al act the way they do? It is because they are being taught to.

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